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A train for Dan

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Dan, I've just taken a very important call from OH, who told me to rush out in the garden with the camera. I was the dutiful wife and did so. This is what I've got. Rubbish shots I know.... Sorry. :cry: It was lovely though!




Any ideas?

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My OH rolled into Victoria Station, London this morning next to a steam train. He was so excited in his email I told him he sounded like Dan. :) Though of course nowhere near as knowledgeable. :roll:

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Jonnie says that was the one Danny Boy (He saw it as he was getting of fthe train at Pewsey).

Still a really interesting post about the Merchant Navy trians though!! 8)8)


EM: Jonnie's Mum and Dad had an all expenses trip on the OE to Italy for his Dad's retirement present from his work! :shock:8)


Now his dad is no longer with us, it is one of Mum's most treasured memories. She says it was an out of this world trip! (it did cost around £7,000 though) :shock:

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OH says that is definitely the one he saw this morning and yes the platform said Steam Dreams.


But he says the carriages were different. They each had a white circle in the middle underneath the windows, which Annie's picture doesn't have. Maybe the circle is just on the other side? Do you know about carriages too Dan?


How 8) that Annie and Johnnie saw the same train but in a different place! Thanks for looking up the details Dan - how knowledgeable are you? :wink:

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