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New Home, New Build, No Chickens!!

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Fellow Omleteers,


Later this year I will be moving to a new property still in the course of construction. Among the many and varied conditions & restrictions known as covenants listed by the developers is that only domestic pets are allowed.

It seems our delightful chickens are not considered as domestic pets because I have received a letter from the developers solicitors confirming that the chickens would not be permitted on the new estate - either because they are misinformed or uninformed I guess!! :evil:

I understand from Barbara at Omlet that one or more of you may have come across this archaic viewpoint before and may even have been successful in defeating it - can anyone offer a solution?

In the interim, of course, I will 'plead' my case that they ARE pets but any precedent - legal or otherwise - would be most welcome.

Please help me move Posh, Pecks and Chooklyn to my new home too.


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Hi Gaz


Chookiehen is one of the people who had that same problem. I can't remember any details, but I think that the upshot was that if the neighbours are in agreement and the chooks aren't causing any problems/noise (bribe neighbours with eggs), then go ahead - they aren't likely to prosecute. Best PM her thoug, as I may be misremembering :oops:


Good luck!

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I think the number of hens is significant too. I don't think you ought to go above four. (I say this because I let all seven of my hens out for the first time today, and it scared me to realize that I have somehow acquired a flock.)


Four or under could not possibly be anything but pets.

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We recently moved into an all-singing, all-dancing eco-friendly, green energy house - solar panels, wind turbines (still to be delivered.. :roll: )sun-trapping south facing solar glass porches, highest spec insulation you can imagine, but no to chickens in the garden. :evil:


We complained to our solicitor, as the selling agents had told us that there would be no problem when we viewed the show house (it all fits in with the 'green' ethos of the build, see?) and her comment was along the lines of, once the builders have moved away, they actually don't give a stuff (in general) about what the deeds say, and the vast majority of people wouldn't know who to complain to should there be a breach of the deeds.


So we moved in, we waited a couple of weeks, then we had a chat with the neighbours - we explained about our love of the chickens, we promised we wouldn't smuggle in a cockerel, that we would only get 2 chickens and that they would be kept in their run, so there was no chance of unexpected guests in their garden. Everyone was cool about it, most were excited at the prospect of the odd free egg, so on Sunday we collected 2 new chickens from the breeder.


All the neighbours have been around to have a look, and all seem to be delighted at the latest additions to the street.


I guess you need to wait, perhaps get someone to take your chickens for a few weeks while you settle in and get to know your neighbours, then get them drunk (we first broached the subject at a wine-fuelled BBQ), and take things slowly.


Good luck, I hope things work out as well for you as they've done for us. :D

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Hello :)

does anyone know if this thread was resolved? We are moving to a new build as it is the best option for our family but I’m terrified we might lose our chooks. It’s been a really hard decision to make and am just looking for reassurance that there are some people keeping chickens on a new build? Thanks

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We live in a new build with various covenants including this however no one really gives a stuff, as long as you aren’t upsetting anyone (no cockerels, smells etc) then they generally get ignored.  Half the estate have fences and satalites just two years after moving in which we’re not allowed either 🙄

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