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Calling all chocoholics

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Annie - I got mine through recently too. There's some goodies in there aren't there. Did you get the christmas one too....very tempting.


We're trying to be restrained this Christmas. We going away over the festive season so we won't be putting up any decorations or such like as we won't be here to enjoy them, so I'm thinking it's just silly if I get ordering stuff.......although........ :wink:

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Thay are really brilliant - they had two at the Walker Books do this summer (Phil does some of their cover illustrations), one milk and one white - WHAT A CHOICE!


We were delving into the milk chocolate one, when a drunken hussy managed to spill some down her (ample) cleavage :oops: ; I had to restrain Phil, who was going to offer to help clean it off!


BOYS! :roll:


Get one, go for it...

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Hi Boogaloostoo


My husband belongs to Hotel Chocolat too. I've decided I'm a bit of a chocolate pleb as I don't enjoy them too much, but I do love the batons. They're definitely 'would you like A chocolate', rather than the 'demolish the lot' type that I'm more accustomed to.


We enjoy doing the scoring and the last box we had (2 weeks ago?) had some really delicious chocolates in it.


Everybody laughs when I tell them my husband belongs to a chocolate club, so it's good to know he's not the only absolute fanatic!

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