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Update on new chook and mental Bluebelle pic!

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The new girl has settled in great, she now seems to be accepted by the other 3 albeit waaaaay down the bottom of the pecking order, the other Bluebelle was horrible to her and we had some head-pecking which got dealt with by applying lavish Tee Tree Oil to the back of Bizmillah's head. It did make me laugh :twisted: watching Fangango gargling madly with water after getting a mouthful of feathers, and we took the bully out of the group for a couple of days which really made a difference.

She is already crouching and having sits in the nesting box which is fantastic and is chatty and friendly, so despite her unconventional colouring she is a big hit all round!



Speaking of Bluebelles, here is a pic of Fandango....... :shock: does anyone else's chooks lie down to eat or is she just a bit 8.gif?


couldnt resist posting this- my shetland pone and her boyfriend snogging awwwwww!


Rhapsody x

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Ponies extra cute as wasn't expecting them after chicken photos :D

I love really hairy fat native ponies :D

Abbie sits down a lot in general like standing up is too much effort, and mine stop eat anything of interest around them when dustbathing. Not generally when eating though. :lol:

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So my suspicions are confirmed Fandango is being weird- she has a kind of Roman Banquet pose going on doesnt she? I should have called her Cleopatra maybe :lol: she doesnt do it all the time but she is the 'unconventional' chook of the bunch.

The pones are cute eh?

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Is the black pone yours Rhapsody? That one reminds me of a black shetland called Napoleon that I used to look after for the RDA. He was an absolute horror but an angel with a child on his back. I even taught my son to ride on him. I used to try to exercise him on a lunge rein when no rider was available and he just used to take off and drag me round the field :twisted: He had the most gorgeous, kissable, wobbly, velvety nose ever. OH used to be :shock: at me kissing the pony! :lol: Sadly developed a large tumour on his neck and had to be put down. I still miss him. :(

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