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Yay... first egg, but who laid it ?

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Hi folks... at last one of our girls has laid her first egg !


We got our for girls from Omlet on 17th May... 2x Gingernut Rangers and 2x Miss Pepperpots.


The egg wasn't there at 8am when they came out for breakfast this morning, but when I let them out for some freeranging at midday, there it was, exactly where it was supposed to be in the egg laying compartment of the cube !


It's a tad small, but perfectly formed and I'm sure they'll get bigger. We're all quite thrilled... a bit like a small win on the lottery, which it kinda daft really as the girls are only doing what they are supposed to, or at least one of them is... which brings me to the question...


Which girl laid it ?... (as we'd like to know who to give an extra treat to this evening :D )


We're pertty sure it's one of two girls, but if someone could confirm from the picture below which breed it comes from, that would help narrow it down !



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hiya congratulations on your first egg! i just done some research and it says both gingernuts and pepperpots lay brown eggs. try and look for some clues such as who was acting differently last night or which one feels more bloated.


also look at which one's combe is redder


hope this helps

good look :D

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Clever girl! Congratulations on your first egg! :dance::dance:


I know its what they are meant to do, but it is exciting. I am still thrilled after 50+ eggs. They are a kind of present each day.


Our gingernuts lay light terracotta eggs that are larger than the cream coloured Miss Pepperpot's. On average the gingernuts seem to produce eggs about 55g in weight, with the Miss Pepperpots being more like 50g. However after a rest day we usually get a larger egg (maybe even a double yolker)

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We think it's probably the Ginger too, but that's just a guess really. Got another this morning, looks almost identical and is still small. Yesterdays was 30g and todays is 35g... at least it's going up slightly.


Is it usual for the first few to be so small ?... at 30-35g they are about the size of a pigeon egg... quite a bit smaller than a "small" labelled supermarket egg. Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining!... just interested.


Yes indeed, we all did the egg dance around the garden ! :dance:

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Congratulations on the eggs! :dance:

Don't worry about size - they will definitely get bigger! My gingernuts average egg size is 68g (although one lays consistently larger eggs than the other). The 2 year old pepperpot I've had for 2 days has laid 2 eggs so far - 73g and 77g! :shock:

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Hi. My money is on the Gingernut as well.


Here are my recent batch. 3 brown eggs from my Gingernuts and 1 lighter brown (bottom right in the photo) from my Miss Pepperpot who has only just started laying this week. Sorry for the bad pic quality but the browner ones look like yours.




My Gingernuts lay 50-60g eggs at the moment. Supermarket eggs are "sized" by weight - A medium supermarket egg is approx 60g.

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Well, it turned out to be a Miss Pepperpot, to my suprise... but... the Gingernut that I thought was laying actually started this afternoon !


So, both the "suspects" are now laying... just the other two to go (who I think are probably a week or two younger) and we'll have more eggs that we know what to do with, albeit tiny ones :D


The Miss Pepperpot has now layed three, but they are getting bigger each day ... 30g, 37g, 42g. The Gingernuts this afternoon was a tiny 22g and very "pointy"! :)

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