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Cate in NZ

Lesley's ever expanding signature!

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Kate didn't make me - I'd already removed some bits to make way for the bee picture. The problem with a tiny picture is that it takes a whole sentence to produce!


I didn't realise I'd lost my pigs though :shock:


I'll have to go and re-jig it now :roll:


I've been trying to keep it short :oops:

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To be brutal, most people on this thread have a long signature sizewise.

Lesley's is quite condensed

Look at my Shaun the sheep... :whistle:


Your sig. is quite small compared to some :D - I feel much better now :D:lol:


We will have to take the travel box back soon........ and the goslings will still be there ........... and he has black Indian Runner ducks as well :?


We haven't got a nice area for the geese yet - we're thinking of having them at the front, near to the bees. We need another 10 tons of topsoil and some grass seed first :roll:


When I told the postman about the bees and geese he said "you don't want any visitors then?" :lol:

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