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Kathy C

Country Life Magazine 31st May Edition

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Whilst gathering in the groceries today in Sainsbury's I saw Country Life magazine which had a georgeous cockeral on the cover and the headline "Poultry in Motion - why Britain has gone chicken crazy". Of course I had to buy a copy to read more :oops: . The article spans 8 pages including a bit on "which breed?", some peoples' stories and all about evil battery farming. There is a picture of an Cube on p140 and the BHWT gets a mention on p141.


Maybe we will top 3000 memnbers soon :D .

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I had to go for an x-ray a few days ago, and was expecting a short while of feeling quite bored waiting for my turn (I hate hospital waiting rooms at the best of times :roll: ) Imagine my delight when they had that exact magazine sitting there in the waiting room :D:D I had time to read the entire article before I got called :D:D

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I liked the article - especially 'for "bright and alert" read "will argue with a Jack Russell"' Perhpas they were talking about a Maran cockerel.


Kitchen Garden is another magazine that has a chicken section - each issue has an article in it. They used to be written by the lady that owns the Shropshire place - was it Wensum Collection? - but its a different person now.

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