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Post bathing strangeness

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Does anyone elses girls walk stangely straight after a dust bath ?


Our Pheobie seems to do a "sniper/commando" style walk around the garden for a few minutes and then starts to walk normaly again. She does bath for quite some time...


Is it just cramp ? :?

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:lol: Yes mine do. As if everything is hanging loose to let the surplus dirt all fall out. :?

I picked Florrie up for a cuddle one day, forgetting she'd just got out of the bath. She fluffed herself up and I got a very liberal dose of compost and red mite powder. :roll: At least I won't get lice now. 8)

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My girls have just has a long luxurious dust bath, & wandered into the kitchen. I hoovered the floor this morning, & now have just had to brush up what seems like half the garden soil :evil:

Our girls have free ranged most days for all day since we got them, but to be honest I am now getting fed up with standing in chicken poo on the grass & my chooks running into the house as soon as we open the patio doors. It was quite funny at first to see them try & get up the stairs :shock: but now enough is enough.

Would it be mean of us if we fenced off the (small) bit at the bottom of the garden where the Eglu is? This would be a triangular shape, as our back fence runs at an angle to the house, & we don't really use that area as it is quite shaded from the willow tree on the right hand side. If you look at my album pics you will see what I mean.


I love my chooks, but I hate cleaning up, & they seem to be making more mess than my children at the moment :roll:

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Hi Jules, I'm not really qualified to reply as I haven't got my chooks yet, but I love my garden so when they come on Saturday ours are going to get a fenced off bit of grass, otherwise I'll spend half my time chasing them off the veggie patch or tutting at them for scrathing out my pots and seedlings. Maybe I'll be a bad chook mother but mine will probably spend more time in their run than out of it which is why we've got the extension coming and kept the numbers to 5 (for now anyway - saw a lovely Buff Orpington yesterday that Ive got my eye on.....! :wink: )


Was it you with the techno cleaning agent? Could you send him round here to teach my lot, mine don't seem to have any grasp at all of cleaning, only making a mess!! :lol:


Mrs B

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Hello Mrs Bertie

We have just got our garden up to scratch this year, it was really overgrown & was on two levels, lower where the Eglu is now. It took OH 15 tonnes of top soil to fill in the hole :D

We put our flower beds in a couple of months ago- then got the chickens :shock:

Our beds are netted off, we have put nails in the fence to hold the top of it, & used wire to make "u" shaped holders for the bottom of it- the cats & chooks have had a go at digging them up :?

I think that if we do fence off the bottom of the garden at least our chooks will have somewhere to free range, & will not be in the run all the time, as we do not have an extension on it.

I just need advice now on how to net off the chicken part of the garden as cheaply as poss!

Ethan is the Techno cleaner, but I must warn you he is easliy distracted & may not complete the cleaning task


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Hubby has rigged up a wooden frame covered in chicken wire which we put in front of the patio door when we open it, so our girls can have the run of the garden when we're there but can't come into the house. It's in 2 parts and hinged so we can open one side of it like a door to get in and out quickly. Before that I used a large open umbrella wedged in the patio door which seemed to keep them out!

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