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Chicken of fate? - Update - 29/04/2012

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Xena has become poorly this weekend. She has slowed down lately which I put down to her probable age. She still ate and drank but wouldn't race over to snaffle all the corn from the others like she normally does. Yesterday I went to feed them all in the morning and Xena wasn't out in the run with the rest of them. I opened the egg port door and she was sat inside the cube making high pitched squeaky noises (the same she makes when I throw corn for her and she gets excited). I stroked her, collected the eggs and then went back inside. I checked on her again and when she still hadn't moved from her spot I decided to bring her indoors because I didn't like the look of the situation. Upon picking her up and putting her in her favourite, the cat box, I noticed her toes curled under so her feet were in balls, I tried to uncurl them and she let me but soon curled them back up again. She is VERY weak on her legs, she can half stand and then slowly slumps back onto the floor. If she tries to stand she wobbles and falls face first on the floor. I've got water with B vitamins in it for her to drink (in case she's deficient, wishful thinking, I know), and she has a mix of pellets and grit which she has been periodically eating. She is still eating and drinking. She hasn't pooed much, but when she has it's been a mixture of normal (but small) poos and orangey brown liquidy poos. She is awake and alert, sometimes her tail is up, sometimes it is down. I'm keeping her in the catbox under observation until I can take her to the vet/she passes, whichever happens first. I'm going to post this in the chicken clinic too in case anyone else has any ideas as to whether this is old age or something more sinister.





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