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Family Fortunes

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The following are allegedly real answers given dyring the taping of Family Fortunes....


Name something a blind person might use:

A sword


Name a song with moon in the title:

Blue Suede Moon


Name a bird with a long neck:

Naomi Campbell


Name an occupation where you need a torch:

A burglar


Name a famous brother and sister:

Bonnie & Clyde


Name an item of clothing worn by the Three Musketeers:

A horse


Name something that floats in the bath:



Name something you wear on the beach:

A deckchair


Name something red:

My cardigan


Name a famous cowboy:

Buck Rogers


Name a famous royal:



Name a number you have to memorise:



Name something you do before going to bed:



Name something you put on walls:



Name something in the garden that is green:



Name something that flies that doesn't have an engine:

A bicycle with wings


Name something you might be allergic to:



Name a famous bridge:

The bridge over troubled waters


Name something a cat does:

Goes to the toilet


Name something you do in the bathroom:



Name an animal you might see at the zoo:

a dog


Name something associated with the police:



Name a sign on the Zodiac:



Name something slippery:

A conman


Name a kind of ache:

Fillet 'O' Fish


Name a food that can be brown or white:



Name a jacket potato topping:



Name a famous Scotsman:



Name another famous Scotsman:

Vinnie Jones


Name something with a hole in it:



Name a non-living object with legs:



Name a domestic animal:



Name a part of the body beginning with 'N':



Name a way of cooking fish:


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I have tears rolling down my face, just how daft are some people! Wonder if contestants have to be screened for missuse of intoxicating substences before each show? :lol::lol::lol:


It wouldn't be half so much fun if they did :lol:


Welcome to the forum Dippyegg :D

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Thanks folks for the warm welcome.


I ordered a green Eglu and two Gingernuts yesterday. I collect them from Omlet on Monday, I really didn`t want to wait until the end of the month which was the next available delivery date for this area and it will only be about a 20-30 minute drive. I am really excited but need to focus on chicken-proofing my veg patch in the meantime.


My lovely husband is under the impression that our hens will be living in their run all the time but I very much doubt this. Once my Miniature Schnauzer has got over the eggsitement of sharing the garden with `Ruby` & `Poppy` then it will be free range fun :wink:


I love the forum, full of interesting bits & bobs as well as chicken stuff :D

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