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Lynn in Bristol

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I'll be there on Saturday!


It's combined with good summer food, and grand designs.


Therefore our small fortune may turn into a very large one!


There is something there for all the family.


We have some family who work for Gardeners World, so we get complimentary tickets! :P

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I'm going tomorrow, I'm booked to see Alan at 10.30! Yes I know, sad!

but I am going with hubby.

Can't wait to see the omlet stand as I'm still waiting for my cube so I can have a sneak preview.

Only thing I'm not happy about is the WEATHER!!!!!!!!

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I'm going tomorrow, I'm booked to see Alan at 10.30! Yes I know, sad!



Not sad at all, v happy!

Tell us what he was like in the flesh, please :D

Have you read any of his books (the novels & his life story?)

If I had known I could have sent you "Trowel & Error" down for him to sign for me!!!! (Sorry, very cheeky of me, I know)

I only used to watch GW on the telly to watch Alan.The way he used to plant his seedlings....... :lol:

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just got back - timed it sooooooo well, weather was great until we got back to the car, then the heaven's opened. On our brief half-hour journey back we passed loads of floods!!!


Resisted the temptation to splurge the credit card (I AM getting a new cube next month) met Amo I think it was on the omlet stand and got a good look at the cube.


Jules - Alan did an interview in the theatre show we saw about 40 yrs of Gardeners world and about himself. I have to confess about being a bit of an Alan fan, 2 years ago I queued up at the GW show and got his autograph and photo but I have to keep it somwehere discreet incase people think I'm a nutter :shock: . I have also read his autobiography - very humerous and interesting, and all his novels, not bad but I like my fluffy chick-lit stuff better.


Anyway glad we managed a dry day - the chooks are growing webbed feet!!!

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