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1st egg today!!

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Hey Hey


Got home from work and had a look and Bubble has laid a perfect shape egg which wieghed 52grams. Just bought 6 eggs at Tesco as we thought we had a week to wait!!


Had Bubble & Squeak 3 weeks now and delighted at our first egg. Did a silly dance in the Garden and over did the treats to the girls in celebration.


Squeak is still tiny in comparrison and looks weeks behind Bubble. Can't really tell if she's growing much as she is always tiny to Bubble. Bubble pecks at the food about 5 times quicker than squeak but she dosesn't go without.


Haven't yet decide what to do with egg other than the 10 photos or so. fried seems at good idea at the moment. ummm.


We're off and running - so silly how you get carried away with such a small thing!



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