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Our new additions!!

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Thanks for all your help the other week with regards to the bylaws. We had one objection from a neighbour who didn't want us parking our chickens near the house incase they attracted the vermin so they are now halfway down the garden - right next door to the greenhouse!


Anyway - we picked up 3 lovely hens on Saturday from the domestic fowl trust in Evesham and I can't recommend the place highly enough - they were very very helpful!


We got 1 Isa Brown (called Rosie) and 2 Bluebelles (called Daisy and Lily) - my 8 year old neice named them. They are 13 weeks old so we won't be getting any eggs for a while, I guess the earliest will be when they are 16 weeks old - is that right? They have a little house and settled right in, we have had some very minor fighting but they appear to be quite happily living together! My husband wants them to run free range round the garden during the day but I would feel safer if they were in a large run - firstly because our house backs onto woodland and I'm scared my babies will make a hungry fox a happy fox, and also I don't want the hens destroying my veg patch! So, I think its run building this weekend for us!


Thanks again, Sarah x

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We went to the DFT on Sunday. Had a look at the chooks for sale & thought we might get a white star & a Bluebell. So we went round the pens & viewed all the stock etc, then when we came back to the shop bit - they'd all been sold!


My hubby was chatting to the lady & she said the ISA browns they had in this week went like hot cakes. :lol:


they look lovely.

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The lady we spoke to said they had been selling well! We got the last Isa Brown on the Saturday but there were 2 bluebelles left, right next to the adorable baby goat!


I'd love to go back this week and get some more - this chook buying business is addictive!

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Lovely girls!


Bluebelles are my favourite breed of chicken - you should have many happy years of watching beautiful, buxom girls pottering about in your garden!

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