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can any one help me please!

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Hello, my chick which is 11 weeks old, suddenly this week she seemed to not be able to walk and wanting to sleep all day, we thought she would die, however she seemed to pick up alot over night, she is able to get around, eat and drink and was bathing herself, but she keeps falling over and her neck seems crooked aswell, but picks her self up and carries on.


i thought she may be paralysed but when i pick her up she can move both legs and give a good fight, (they arent used to being picked up yet)


What is wrong with her, and do you think i should have her culled ;( i really hope i dont but im not sure what it is and whether she will recover from it.

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is she falling over becasue she is weak. I had a young pekin chick that would fall over at the slightest touch, she was eating a drinking but only just enough to keep her going. After taking her to the vet he said she had a virus. It took a lot of TLC and worming to get her right but she is fine now, she is smaller than her sisters and doesn't seem to put weight on but at least she is still with me and wil hopefully catrch up.

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