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Two or Three Chickens

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If you only have two chickens and one dies, the serious fighting starts when you introduce another one.


Get three (extra eggs and extra fun for no extra trouble). Then if you do lose a chicken, there is no panic to get a new companion: and by that time you will be so hooked on keeping chickens you will probably be ready for a Cube, and instead of buying just one more hen you will get eight.

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I have 2 and they never really fought.

One wouldn't let the other eat until she had had her fill, but now they know there's enough food for them both they are the best of friends.


They are very close - I do worry what will happen when 1 dies - but having 3 would just delay that problem not remove it.



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I have two and they are great together. I avoided getting 3 as I was brand new to chickens, but now seeing how they are never apart. . .it would be hard if somethine were to happen to one of them.

They are literally always by each others side.

God forbid anything does happen to either of them for many years. . .but I do see that starting out with 3 that would bond naturally could help avoid issues later. . .

Because they obviously need to be around other chickens. . .


Does anyone keep a single chicken? If so what is that like?

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we were going to get 2, then, we changed to 3 :D


in the end couperman decided that we should just cut our losses and get a cube and 6 :D


then he kept putting off ordering one, so I did :lol:

now we have a fab cube and 6 chookies and they are no problem at all (we hadnt kept chooks before - but we are not having problems :D )


except this morning :roll: when we heard splodge "Yelling" at us to get up :roll: it was 7am :shock: , doesnt she know that it is the weekend :lol:

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