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Yey it arrived...

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Hey all,


We have been so excited for the past week now.....Our eglu finally arrived (next day delivery) lol we also collected our 3 lovely black rocks....


Although our house is already like a zoo anyway I dont think I have been this excited with anything else we have ever had........


Anyway just wanted to say hi to everyone....




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Wow what a quick reply, this forum is very busy :)


We are trying to decide on names at the mo.......


One of them decided it was going to escape as we was trying to get it in the eglu tonight, what fun that was running round the garden in half dark.......I had thoughts of her getting over the fence into next door (3 hours after we got them) that would have been really bad, luckily my partner caught her and they are all tucked up alseep now lol


I think they are going to be very addictive.......



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Here is a pic for you all, not the best but they dont stay still for more than a few seconds......We decided on the Orange Eglu.....


Our zoo now consists of 2 dogs (1 shar pei + 1 cross), 1 africn grey parrot, a marine tank with corals and fish and now 3 hens


They will be having free run of the garden in the next day or so, which im quite nervous about.....Soon find out how high they can jump :)







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Lovely pics Karl - they are super hens!


Ours free-range whenever we're about, and we've not had any problems with them trying to climb or fly out of the garden - we just had to secure a gap in the fence one day when I caught them disappearing down the road and into a neighbours garden! They always seem quite happy just rummaging around and scratching.

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