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My new chickens!!

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We finally got some chickens for our eglu! We got a Bluebelle (Doris), a light sussex (Mavis) and Aretha. I can't remember what she was - a sussex or rhode something but i can't remember what! Any ideas? She has a black tail and apparently lays a darker egg than the meadowsweet ranger (we were choosing between the two). They all seem happy and have had some corn as a moving in treat. They all seem to be getting on well - I was worried about lots of pecking but they have all given each other only the occasional peck on the beak. Doris is for some reason eating the hemcore - is this ok? will she stop?! She spent a bit of time alone in the eglu but had joined the others in the run for quite a while now. We are so excited!


The cat has just ignored them which surprised me!


Have a look at my photos...hope this works!



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fab photos! Is the blacktail the same as the sussex star then? She looks very similar to my Bertha. I love this chook malarkey. Makes me want to have one of every breed (makes note to buy an enormous smallholding and a fair few cubes when that unexpected windfall materialises :lol: )

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They were very sleepy when I went to let them out this morning! They have obviously created a bit of interest as there were some muddy footprints in their winter shade....have to watch that one. Aretha is starting her 'i'm top chicken' campaign today. Just a little peck here and there and the evil eye! Doris doesn't seem fussed by it in the slightest and mavis is knowing her place! I hope it doesn't get any worse than that!

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