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Aubiose - How Much?

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How much should I put inside my run. I read a few posts that said you didn't need a lot and chucked in a little bit. Now I'm thinking its not enough and I should chuck in some more. Does anyone have any piccies showing a good amount to put down?


Heres mine at the moment




Although since I put that in Friday it now looks like a lot less as the've kicked it about (I think they stopped eating it!)

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I use hemcore but I think it is similar. I know what you mean I put in about 3 bucketfuls and it looks quite a lot at the time but within a couple of hours it is mixed up with the soil underneath and does not look enough but I think the same would happen even if I put more in. I think they would just put more effort into mixing it up :roll:

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Thanks all, I think I will wait for the grass to go and then put in a load more. I topped up last night but still don't think I put enough in.

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