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We've got more chickens! (light sussex)

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The big girls are called......


blue :oops:

white :oops:

green :oops:

red :oops:


They have got coloured rings on, it's great.

I thought we'd never remember who's who otherwise! & whilst we were deciding on names, it kind of just happened that they are called after their ring colours! :roll:


The younger ones will have similar names, just waiting for the rings to arrive. :D


I will post some pics of them at the weekend. 8)

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Not really sure how old they are. We reckon 6 weeks (?) Would love to see a photo of yours to compare. I just went to get photos of mine & my battery died on the camera. :roll: I wanted Buff Sussex - they are beautiful. Acually one of them is a bit bigger & he tends to "shove" the others out the way & his comb is bigger & his tail is bigger. We think he's a boy, but no idea about the others.


Rob - What's wrong with the name "blue left / red right" it's got a lovely ring to it.... ring to it :lol: Ring to it... :lol: .............. :oops: . :oops:

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