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Mushrooms on the grass

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I don't know if it is the wet weather we have been having, or all the chicken poo we have on our grass :roll: but we seem to have loads of mushrooms sprouting on the grass, which we have never had before! They are little & brown, so don't know if they are edible are not. We also had a toad that scared the life out of me last night as I was locking the girls away for bed.

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If you want to stop them growing completely put on some gloves and pick them all now before they spore or you will end up with loads more next season.

There are some good web sites for 'shroom identification too if you think they're edible.



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Oh, Jules, we've got them too!!


First time in ten years I've had little mushrooms or toadstools growing in the lawn. Are they very tiny on a spindly little stalk, beige/brown?


I go over the lawn each morning before letting the girls out, just in case they're toxic and the girls might eat them! :roll:



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We have them too. And our lawn was newly turfed a couple of monthes ago, so should be just grass! :roll:


Reading about the bonnet toadstools, it does say that it may be the soil beneath the grass which is the problem. If there are any bits of rotting wood under the lawn this may cause the toadstools to grow. The other problem can be if there is too much decaying old grass (or thatch) at ground level.

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