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Bath Power

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I have just cleaned my bathrooms with a greener product called bath Power by Ozkleen.


It is sooo good :D my bath, loo and basin are so shiny and the taps are gleaming.


The product has a lovely citrus smell, just spray on wait 1 minute and rinse off. No scrubbing at all even on the scummy soapy bits.


Even my chemical loving OH is going to like this 8)


Website here www.ozkleen.co.uk

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I just want someone else to clean my house for me.


I always feel a bit :oops::oops: admitting it ... but I have a cleaner. I do work full-time and sometimes long hours, but I always feel slightly guilty about it.


The stress relief is just huge, as I can spend weekends and evenings doing the garden or other chores or relaxing. Weekends before would be ruined either by desperately trying to get it all done, or not doing it and then feeling cross and upset about the state of the place. And yes, I do tidy up before she comes :wink: - which is, of course, half the battle!


There's only one downside, she believes in the power of chemicals. I refused to buy Cillit Bang so she's given up asking but I am too scared to buy everything Ecover ... yes, I know that is stupid, :roll: but I need to keep her happy! I consider her wages to be a necessity, not a luxury though - I know how much better I feel and how much less stressed I am.

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