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wood chip base for run....

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After reading all the different tips etc on here from people with their Eglus and Cubes I have finally got around to making a a base for my Eglu on woodchips!

It has kept the garden more tidy even though the girls free range within the Omlet netting during the day.

I also fitted a shower curtain after reading Claret's post on here and it is so much better at keeping the water off the chickens than the Omlet weather shield.




just thought you would like to see it.

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Wow! What a groovy rain cover/shower curtain. :D

I feel very pleased with myself for setting up a new area for the hens. I spent a whole morning cutting back bramble and ivy from a disused area between our raised patio and outside walls. It was so large when cleared that it was big enough to put the eglu on. The ground is a fine gravel and my hens love it. They love raking around in it and it jet washes a treat keeping the smell down. :lol: Netting comes Friday so with any luck they'll stay in the area and keep the garden poo free for the kids to play in.

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