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Computer problem/forum problem?

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:?:? Curiouser & curiouser...


So, I can post on the forum, & if I click on "view posts since last visit" I can see lots of Tuesday postings.


But, from the forum page, and in each section, nothing shows as being new since last night! The last post showing is at 11.18pm which is when I turned off the computer last night. There is one unread post at that time, but when I read it the red arrow doesn't disappear.


On the bottom of the club page it says that the time is 11.20 on Mon 2/7 & also that is when I last visited. :shock:


I think I'm here, but what's happening?


There are 2 clues or red herrings.....


1. The internet may have been down at some stage but seems ok now, could I post if it wasn't?


2. My brother & I had been exchanging emails discussing Dr. Who (sad, but true! :roll::lol: ) So, have I slipped into a different time/universe?


No, my brother observed that my emails were dated the day after he received them & wondered if it was Timelord related, tap, tap, tap tap...or my computer.

So, I've been to settings & saw that my day was indeed one day ahead & clicked onto the correct day. Have I done something?


I checked another forum & the recent posts don't show on the front section page, but they are on the next page within the topic.


Should I go back & change my setting back to be incorrect (but this seems odd to me) or go & lie down in a darkened room?


I think I still exist....... :?:?

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If your date settings are wrong it would have this affect on view new and changed posts.......If you have changed the settings you will have to log out of the forum and log back in again to update it. But then the posts "since last login" will not show......


Do you have antivirus software running and is it upto date????



You would be unable to post to the forum (or even appear to post) if you had lost internet connection.


Not sure if thats any help, if you have any more questions or want any help let me know....



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I will need to know if your neurotic or not though lol :lol:


:lol: Scored 54, only slightly neurotic (and only about computers :lol: ).


Good of you to reply so quickly. I did turn off the computer after changing the setting, but didn't log out of forum as such. I'll give that a try...I may be some time....

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:?:? OK. I logged out then when I logged in I thought it was solved, the date & time were correct & there were Tuesday postings.

But, only for a second. As soon as I'd clicked on one, it all went back again. :(

So, I thought I'd log off again but I just get invalid session, I can't log out now, and I'm stuck on Monday in my Groundhog day.


Thanks to Bronze & Egluntine for, er, ..... :lol: ..acknowledging me, at least I exist.


I have already run SpyBot this morning & now I'll go & see if AVG is up to date...back again, yes, all clear.


:? What have I done Karl? :)

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You might want to delete your temp internet files.


Assuming you use Internet Explorer (newest version), go to "tools" then "options" then under the heading "Browser history" choose "Delete" then choose "delete files".......You could choose "delete all" but this will remove stored passwords, and other cookies you might need.


Let me know how you get on......

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Sheila it is not you.


I too have just logged into the Forum (it signs in automatically for me as it will for all of you - and it did not show any of today's postings as ''latest' so I had to scroll through and look in the dates columns to see which were the latest.


:shock: No probs doing that though - just easier with the little yellow thingy which saves you the bother :lol:

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:) That sounds quite different, I've had that before & it's probably temporary. Maybe Karl can tell you. :lol:

I was stuck as if I didn't exist & neither did Tuesday. Scary! Thankfully Karl told me how to fix it.

Karl, what caused it, out of interest. Was it because I'd changed the day setting or was that coincidental & something had got in where it shouldn't?

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Sheila, I'm not sure that I understood too much of all that, and since it's all been sorted I have no intention of trying to go back and work it out :oops: . My brain hurts enough as it is :roll:

But anyway, it's good to see you and have you on the same day as the rest of us 8) . Couldn't run the risk of you being a day late and running behind with your trusty teapot whenever things get a bit hectic round here :wink::lol::lol::lol:

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:D Yes, that does make sense, thank you Karl.


(Did anyone notice the bluff? I've heard of cookies but have no idea what they are or how to control them. Other than with a cup of tea, of course.)


The funny thing was, Kate, I was a day missing on the forum, forever stuck on Monday. But previously my brother was getting emails from me which appeared to be arriving before they were sent! :lol:


All sorted then, but imagine how panicky I was that I'd never see the forum again! Thanks Karl.


Kettle's on.

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