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Can you suggest a good book?

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I haven't actually got this book (yet) but I would imagine it does the job :lol::lol:




I have just got this one, but I haven't had time to read it yet :roll:




Actually, there are too many to choose from. You might do better to wander into a Waterstones or whatever bookshop you have nearby and have a browse before choosing! Bet you don't stop at one book though :lol:

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I have both of those Jools (and lots more) :oops:


Hasnett, I recommend the second one, by chris graham (sorry Johannes :wink: )


The one by Johannes is very good, but quite basic. The other has lots of photos too, so you can choose your next batch of hens! (you know you want more)!!!!

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I noticed you're in London, where did you get your bantams from if you don't mind me asking?

I'm based in Surrey and have been told about one local place to me in Ligh"Ooops, word censored!"er, although when I emailed asking what was available they said they don't know as demand is high... not very helpful, we only wanted an idea as we are away until the end of july so thought we'd wait unti lthen to get them - anyway, after all that, we're on the lookout for a breeder of bantams, we're after 3, and would like a choice of different types if possible so any suggestions welcome!

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Thanks everyone, i'll let you know which ones i get - once i've read them i'll be happy to book share..??


Arowland17 we got our Bantams from:


07739 514624 / 01371 878909

Contact Us

Postal Address for all correspondance;

Hens For Homes, 48 Waldgrooms, Great Dunmow, Essex, CM6 1DZ

Telephone - 07739 514624 / 01371 878909

email - kirsty@hensforhomes.co.uk

Farm Address for viewing / collections BY APPOINTMENT ONLY

Happy Hens, Three Acres, Bran End, Stebbing, Essex, CM6 3RJ

Visitors STRICTLY by appointment only - please see 'contact' page for directions.

email - happyhens4@hotmail.co.uk



Kirsty was really helpful and had loads of chicks and POL to choose from. Her hens were really happy too. (She also has hybrids & an alien looking giant turkey!)


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Thanks for the details of hens for homes - I think they're just a bit too far away from us unfortunately - making the OH drive over 1.5 hours to pick up the eglu we won on ebay, don't think he'd be impressed if I said we had to make another 2 hour trip to pick up chickens for it too!!

never mind, I'm going to keep searching locally!

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