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I'm so excited - I've just booked tickets to go and see Meatloaf at the NEC in November! :dance:


But it's not for me :oops: My son (G 'n R Crazy) will be 16 in September and I suggested he might like to go see a live band for his birthday. Gave him a few options and to my delight he picked Meat! I can't wait (hope I don't embarrass him though :roll::wink: )


Has anyone else seen him? Was he good? :D

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I've not seen him live, but have seen a couple of his 'live' videos and he does put everything into it, great showman.


I particularly liked 'Pair of dice by the dartboard light' I tried to sing it once on Karaoke with an equally tone deaf friend. We went down like a knackered lift.


I hope you enjoy yourselves! :D



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Me, Snowy, I've seen him!


He's absolutely incredible live!


My friend bought me tickets for my birthday years ago, and I didn't even like him, but she'd been told she really ought to go! :roll:


He has this incredible charisma on stage, and the band and him really give it their all - it's an amazing atmosphere!


Do so hope you have lots of fun! 8)


Sue x

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Sorry, i just can't see the attraction, all his songs sound exactly the same!


Hope you have a good time though Snowey!


I've PM'd you about something else entirely.


:lol::lol::lol: Yes they do a bit!


But it's a sound that I Luuuuuurve!


:lol: @ Kev: Pair of dice by the dartboard light?? Love it - that's one of my favourite songs - makes me giggle everytime I hear it! 8)

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Meatloaf songs really lend themselves to silly lyric changes, there was one which had 'frogs crawling over the sand' 'two out the tree aint bad' i think, not sure tho 'it was long ago and far away and so much better than it is today!' I think George Lucas was a fan too!


My favourite one which doesn't need any edits is 'Life is a lemon and I want my money back!' Morrissey would struggle to come up with a title like that!



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