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I've took the plunge and ordered my eglu yesterday. Being new to chickens I have got loads of questions and have been finding all the answers on this forum which is great !! It seems like a v friendly and helpful community - thanks :-)


I do have a question which is probably daft so sorry - but how do you get the chickens to go into the eglu for the night??


Can't wait - uber excited!! GNRPP:D

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Hi Farrowy,

Hens tend to put themselves to bed at night which is great :D


When they first arrive however, they might not know where to go.

Some people say that shining a torch into the Eglu works as they go towards the light but I was lucky with my three girls-they all put themselves to bed when it was getting dark and I just had to shut the Eglu door, so fingers crossed you might be lucky too.


Even if they need a little help at first though they will end up learning where to sleep and putting themselves to bed. :)


Hope that helps.

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I kept my girls in the run for the first week, & they naturally put themselves to bed. If you let them out to free range after this time they will go to bed at dusk- at the moment between 9-10pm depending on the weather & level of darkness. I used to lock the Eglu door, but now I just make sure the run is secure, that way the girls can get up when they want to, but other forum members lock their chooks in. Do what you feel is right for you.

Welcome to Chicken World!!! :D

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Hi Welcome


Well done, its a grest step


My girls do take themselves off to bed, eventually.


Though the first night I was such a nervous new time mum, I was still shaking, and whenever I snuck out to put them to bed, they squealed and ran out looking for food.


My brother rang just before ten (he is on of the volunter rescues for BHWTand has 18 mixed everything at home), and I said, thank goodness an expert, and explained the problem.


"I know you won't have one", he said, "but you need a pistol".


me, trying not to sob, but sounding hysterical "A Pistol ! I just want them to go to sleep, I don't want to kill them. I've not even had them 24 hours"


"No silly" he knows we rather well " a water pistol. They don't like getting wet" (actually if there are grapes involved they would swim the channel".


So I left it a few minutes more, snuck out, and they were roosting, so I dashed to close the door.


So they were well trained, they do take themselves off, but when they want, and not when I want an early night.


And couldn't have managed without the forum, they held my hand and talked me through, and told me I wasn't nuts, and I would and could cope and enjoy it. And... they were all right



The girl dogs - Sophie & Sadie

the girl chicks - Treacle & Biscuit

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Cheers for sharing your experiences :-)


Cherryl - your story made me laugh, heeee I suspect I'm going to be a nervous new mum as well!! Not wanting to sound silly but I just hope I'll be OK picking them up if you know what I mean.


19 days to go till my girlies GNRPP arrive. Very excited - I curled up on the sofa last night with a good book - "keeping pet chickens" - no going back for me!!! :D

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Thanks for the kind words. You will be a great mum :D


And.... was/am such a nervous new mum, that I managed to hold one when I got them, but didn't pick them up until today.. Think I was/am worried about hurting them


Cannot wait until you get them.


Oh I have Keeping Pet Chickens next to me in bed, have read it cover to cover twice (before I got them), and now I go back and read a few pages, and nod sagely !, almost say here, here, here like in the House of Commons


Ready for another long story......


This morning at home resembled Chicken Run. Went to let the girls out, and noticed one had laid an egg in the run. So, I had to get that out before they stamped on it, not too difficult. Treacle tried to get to a lovely looking clump of grass, and peck me at the same time, but managed it. Then opened the egg cover to collect the eggs (Treacle is now laying full size). So there I was egg box with eggs in, in one hand, collecting eggs with the other, when they girls decided on a mass escape. They leapt from the roosting box, to the gap of the egg door and out. So I collected Treacle, put her back in, bent down, and whoosh out came Biscuit. She started running around, caught her very easily it has to be said, got her back in, whoosh out came Treacle. Think I could have still been there, but fortunately they got a bit tired of the game. Lovely excuse for being late for work though :oops:

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