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1st eggs. . .

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I had been giving them chicken feed called "start & grow" (i think). . .I picked up "layer pellets" today. they also free range, but I still give them grit. They also get fresh corn almost daily with a few other treats.


Do the layer pellets give them calcium to help with shell formation? i guess i could read the label! ;-) THANKS


Also. . .at what point of day do your hens lay? Mine must lay mid-morning because when I let them out around 7:30am. . .no eggs, but usually when I come home at lunch there is an egg.

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I was home today and caught Clarisse sitting in the nest. . .Rosemary was pecking around the Eglu a bit and finally just came and sat in the door of the Eglu until Clarisse was done and could come out and play again.


What happens when Rosemary starts to lay? Will she lay in the nest as well even if Clarisse has already laid an egg there?

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Yes - they still go in the nest even if there is another egg there. They are usually very careful too as in their minds they are all their eggs and they think ' haven't I been clever'!

It's a good idea to egg collect as often as you can tho, or else the others might sit on them & become broody. I'm forever looking out my kitchen window & counting the legs. If I count 6, then there is no one in the nest. But usually when one is laying another goes in the eglu & they have morning coffee or afternoon tea together!


There is usually an announcement of an egg afterwards as well!



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