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Transylvanian naked neck

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Today my dad phoned up our local farm and said have they got any frizzles left, they said they have 2 so we reserved them (both girlies) and then the lady said she has a very lonley Translyvanian naked neck so long story short dad has now reserved the most ugly bird in at the farm!

does anyone know anything about the breed?

e.g egg colour?

any special care they need?


thanks for any help


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Theres actually a story hear:

when you go to the farm you can but bags of corn for 20p to feed the chickens but she's the smallest because everyone refuses to feed her and they everyone just runs away from her screaming "ewwwww whats wrong with that chicken!". The poor lady at the farm has been desperate to give her a home becuase everyone else just wanted her for the table!!!! mostly becuse of her naked neck she is easier for the chop!!! poor thing, she will come and live with us in a few weeks time and she WONT be a table bird! just a well loved pet!

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Ok, I know a bit about these from my Work Experience. The 2 most common strains in the U.K lay 2 different coloured eggs. One strain lays a green egg the other lays a white/tinted egg. Both egg types are georgeous. The hens are lovely but the cockerals aren't as much.

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