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Stitch n B itch

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Does anyone go to Stitch n B itch meetings or any other knitting/tea/coffee etc groups?


There is a new Stitch n B itch starting near me today (Thursday 17 July Dolphin Cafe, Towcester, Northants @ 1.30pm) I thought I would go along. I think I will have a sneaky cake & coffee, I`m off to Weight Watchers this morning & I know I have put weight on so I will need to cheer myself up!


Edit - I've split the rest of the original topic off into another one to allow the discussion about word censorship to continue without spoiling this topic - Kate

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:) So, did you go to the knitting, and if so, what did you think?

A relation told me of one in her small town which was really friendly. Some were experienced knitters, others were complete novices. But apparently the coffee, cake & chat were the main focus. However, there was plenty of knitting help & exchange of ideas if people wanted that too.

Of course, it may vary from town to town, but it sounds a good idea. Is it held weekly?

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Ah - caught up with it, after being a bit disappointed that the other thread (while very interesting) had lost sight of the topic!


I learned to knit when I was seven or eight - my mum could knit, crochet, embroider, smock and made all our clothes on her ancient sewing machine (which I still have). I don't do anything these days - I don't really have time to make my own clothes, and if I did they would cost more than the stuff I could buy :shock: and last time I tried some embroidery I was struggling to see the stitches :roll: (I'm NOT ready for bifocals!)


But I love knitting, and I keep meaning to start some. I'm going to look into this, there's bound to be a London group.

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The Towcester group meet fortnightly, there were 4 of us there but some of the regulars were on holiday. It was really friendly & relaxed with plenty of knitting going on. One of the ladies who organises the group runs an online knitting shop & she advertises the meetings on her homepage. That was where I found out about it. www.woollyworkshop.co.uk


I have been knitting since I was first pregnant, 13 years ago but I go for long periods without doing any. I tend to knit in the winter more. I did learn (sort of) as a child but took it up because I wanted to make baby clothes. I`m not very good. My current work in progress is a bag made from recycled sari silk combined with a cotton yarn for strength. It is nice to think that I am using a yarn from sari offcuts. It is a multicoloured yarn of many fibres all twisted together. You can see some at www.hipknits.co.uk



I would definately encourage anyone interested in knitting to give a local stich n b itch or similar group a go. A group meets in Borders bookshop, Milton Keynes too. I`m sure there are loads around the country. You might find a new hobby (or just get to eat lots of cakes!)

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I've been thinking of attending my local one for a while, but I must admit I'm concerned it will be full of old(er) women than I.


I'm 23, and have just moved to a new town - want to make some friends around my own age and I'm finding it so difficult!

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