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Guest Dilly

Dilly's six baby bantams are here at last!

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I have just collected my baby banties - but can't work out how to upload the photos on here - but if you click on my www - it will be worth the visit.


I am totally besotted.


Apart from the Buff Orpington bantam who is 15 weeks old, the others are all 8 weeks old and have been together as a little flock before coming to me.


The Barbu d'Uccles are like little doves - so tiny and perfect.


They are just developing their adult plumage - so will look even more beautiful when they have all their feathers.

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The green metal covers either side are dust baths - and covered areas for them - which my other chickens love - they have them too.


The hedge of conifer cuttings is because bantams, originated in the jungles and like to hide - thus feeling more secure. I have tall plants growing up the other end of the pen for the other bantams - but this end was bare.


If they feel threatened they like to run and hide. The others always did that to hide from the hybrids I had.


I am hoping that tomorrow the babies will come out of the cube and have a look around - it is tipping it down with rain now !

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You need to click on my www below - as I can't work out how to load them on here :roll:


I have been adding them to my website all afternoon :roll:



'Sad' I know - but they are so gorgeous - I can't wait until they come out and start running around - hopefully tomorrow.

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ohhhhhhhh that www i didnt know what that was for, thanks for explaining, absolutly gorgeous chickens!!!! You have a frizzle!!! iam getting 2 in a few weeks!!!! what is yours like? is she nice?


She is black and so soft with lovely curly feathers - so cute - she will get a lot more curly by the time all her adult feathers appear.


The breeder has such lovely ones - when I saw them in the photo I was not keen, but when I visited here and saw them and the mottled ones , they were so different and so pretty I could not resist.


(I was supposed to be getting 2)

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Snowy I have been looking at your blog since it started and am longing to see how your garden looks now - and those wonderful raised beds

Thank you Dilly :oops:

Not a patch on your blog, but something to aim towards I think! :D You've motivated me to have another go at it - I need to find a host that lets me upload more pictures - I prefer pictures to words anyday! 8)

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Good to see you here I've been wondering when you were going to pick up your babies.


We went and got back 3 of the chicks we hatched out 5 weeks ago on Tuesday, the girls are still trying to decide on names.


This is the first time I have had chicks and they are so different to the big ones (obviously) - I mean the noises they make -little peep peeps as though they are discussing things.


If they are the slightest bit nervous they all cram together in a pile - even if there is nothing for them to be nervous about - but me in the pen.


I am just off to see how they are this morning

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