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Dippy Egg

The word censor...

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Thanks folks, I guessed it was an automatic thing but it does seem OTT. My father`s name is Richard but everyone calls him D***.


I often browse the Schnauzer Club of GB forum, you have to be allowed to specify your dog`s gender ie dog or B itch.


I do appreciate protecting children & others from offensive language but honestly think we can take things too far sometimes!

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Please don't take offence at the word censor. I've just had the same thing blow up into an almighty row elsewhere. The censor is to protect the very young members who are posting on here and try to keep things running smoothly and inoffensively on the forum. I agree that the two words you have highlighted do have alternative meanings but the policy was brought into play when the spambots were posting messages with exactly those words but with the other meanings! Now we've had to resort to admin activation to stop these postings from appearing, I can change the filter to allow these words to be used but the moment I see them used inappropriately anywhere on the board, they will be censored again.

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Actually Jules, I've walked off and had a good think about this and I think you're right that the censor should stay as it is. There is no reason why someone can't use the word "female" about a dog if b itch is censored because it means that the same word can't ever be used inappropriately doesn't it. The policy has been in place for nearly 3 years now and no one has complained previously.


I have removed the diminutive for Richard :wink: though as it's also my Dad's name and it must be very frustrating for chaps who are called this every day but can't sign with it on the forum.

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Please don't change the censor. It is there for our own safety & the young peoples protection! Online bullying is at a high at the moment - it was on Trevor Mc Doughnuts program a while back!


If we want to rAnt & rave we can use loads of other lovely words like flippin' 'eck, bloomin', My personal favourites being twonk & piffy!!!!!

So much so, that I'd love the number plate P1 FFY. Totally off topic here! Oh well!


Keep the naughty word filter!!!!!!!



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Good decision Kate :lol:


While you're in a good mood can you just delete my first 500 posts please cos I LIKED being an all knowing super chicken - (very grandiose) and I've been holding my breath all morning trying not to post :roll:


*goes off to sulk*

We'll do a swop if you like.... alihodg & I were having a challenge who could do the most posts.... I am winning him by a mile


I am a competitive mum!

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I do agree - I'd rather have annoying 'censorship', and keep this forum the friendly place it is.


My work email has a very sensitive filter. My respectable 70-year old choir director was quite worried when an email he sent me was 'bounced' back with an automated message about offensive language.


I was able to reassure him that it was his reference to a song called 'The Owl and the P*ssycat', and nothing he had said! :wink:


Sorry I don't know anything about Stitch & B ... it sounds interesting, though!

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