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A grand day out!

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Hi everyone! We have just returned from a grand day out! We went to Garden Poultry at Kingsley! I've chosen what birds I want & they will ring me when they get more birds in. They are going to choose me 3 nice ones & I can go & see them when they come in. They are expecting a delivery of another 400 birds soon.

When we arrived, the man warned us that it was really muddy where the chickens were - but we were alright as we had our crocs on!!! Well prepared!

So we stomped through the mud, nothing was going to stop us seeing the chooks! :D My sister said she wishes she'd had a camera as me & hubby looked so funny.

The first chickens we saw were a new sort known as corals. They were white with a bit of coral colouration. Absolutely beautiful birds. They lay coral eggs too!

We then looked at the sussex comets, copper rocks, sussex rocks, 1 blue comet that was left, amber rockets & the Snow white comets. The snow whites were really friendly! The man went in the hen house and brought out 2 china white eggs for us - one each to keep & take home. They are fascinating!

I have my name down for a snow white comet, a coral & a blue comet!!!!!

I'm so excited - I just need my cube now! ( please please please hurry up)

14th August seems ages off.

I can totally recommend Garden Poultry to anyone. It's a fantastic place where the chickens are allowed to free range. They are kept in excellent clean conditions, extremely healthy birds & the man could not do enough for us. He was so helpful, friendly and extremely knowledgeable.

It was a brilliant place! My sister is going to get her chickens from there too. She likes the blue comets, the snow white comets and the sussex comets.

They also had some pigs there and some totally adorable pygmy goats! If I'd got room - I'd be wanting some pygmy goats. They are so lovely!


So if anyone lives in Cheshire or nearby - buy your chickens from a reputable source....Go to Garden Poultry!


I can't wait to get my chooks!


We then went to Asda at Winsford, for my copy of Harry Potter. None left - so hubby is in the dog house! And none left at the Works either! grrrrrr

So we turned round and went to Wyevale garden centre for a cuppa!


Back home now , came home to one Blanche egg (pepperpot), the gingers have gone on strike!



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i second that recomendation! we went there a few weeks ago, it was brilliant! all the chooks where in big feilds and all looked healthy. they also come vaccinated against 11 different diseases!

We might be getting some from there in a few weeks too, as we only live about 40 minutes from there so its pretty local, we are not sure yet though as there is a farm only a ten minute drive from us so we are checking it out tomorrow.

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.....So we turned round and went to Wyevale garden centre for a cuppa!....


Perfect end to a perfect day, Emma. :D


It seems to be a wonderful place for poultry & I love the sound of the chickens you've ordered.

Perhaps you should double the order? :wink::lol:


How exciting, & I'm glad you had a good day.

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Oooo what does the nicks mean? Yes they do sound the same - they were beautiful!


I've already got my names sorted but I'm keeping them under wraps! :wink:


Looking into getting my pekins now & a buff orpington bantam. Just trying to source a place that breeds them & is reputable! If I can't find anywhere then I'll think about doubling up my order from garden poultry! :wink: I have thought about hatching my own bantams , as I'm not away anywhere in the caravan until September so plenty of time to keep my eye on the incubator.That is when I eventually get it back off darling sister - after her hatching out her ducks!!!! The ducks are out in the big wide world now & swimming on the pond! Cute little mallards.

Gosh my garden is turning into a little small holding before my very eyes! :D

Will have to sell the house & buy a bigger place soon! ( future plan)




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Sorry I don't know what the 'nick' thing means, I think they are a leghorn cross and as so a bit flighty/skittish. We also have two Fennel whites which look identical in every way but lay pure white eggs and they are even harder to catch! they are faster but will be picked up if cornered!!




edit: I could easily have this the wrong way round as the white girls all do look alike!! :roll::roll::shock::lol:


edit: again! this is where we got our girls from http://www.glencroftpoultry.co.uk

if it helps.

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Have you got any piccys of your blue comet?





You can see pics. of my new hens from Garden Poultry HERE The Blue Comet follows me everywhere and is so gentle, the Speckled rock is a younger bird and a bit nervous but still lovely she has feathers on her legs..........

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Hiya - I have absolutely no idea where I'm going to get my pekin bantams from..I can't seem to source any apart from some I saw advertised last week lemon pekins. I think it was a shropshire number (whitchurch). I'd go & check them out first tho.


I'm wondering if the WErnlas collection had pekin bantams... I did have a list, but I don't know what I've done with it. I'll have a look on their website.


Your picture of the blue comet is stunning! Fantastic colour!


I have never known anyone so caring for his animals as the man at Garden Poultry! Lovely person!



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I got 2 chickens from Garden Poultry too - a Blue Comet, who is enormous and never stops talking and a Snow White, who is the complete opposite - and they are both gorgeous. I would definitely recommend Garden Poultry to anyone.

Having said that, we went to the Wernlas Collection yesterday and it is amazing! They have some of the most beautiful chickens and bantams - and also one of the ugliest, the Transylvanian Naked Neck! poor thing. And the tiny chicks are just fabulous. Needless to say, I couldn't resist ordering some new girls and have ordered 4 bantams - a speckled sussex, a buff rock, a silver sebright and a gold sebright - for which I shall have to get a new eglu, and 4 large breed chickens - a cream legbar, a vorwerk and 2 blue laced wyandottes who will join my 6 existing girls in the extended extended cube. My poor OH thinks I am mad - he is probably right - but I would recommend a trip to Wernlas and it certainly was a grand, if expensive, day out!

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