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Hiya, as some of you know we are getting some chickens soon, origanly we where getting some from our local farm which where:

2 frizzles


Translyvanian naked neck

Scots dumpy



but we didnt realise at the time they had such big age gaps such as the scots dumpy being 4-6 weeks and the Frizzle being 12, as first time chicken keepers we didnt want to take any chances with bullying, so instead we are getting 4/5 from a place called garden poultry and the 2 frizzles as they are simlar ages.

the ones at garden poultry are vaccinated but the frizzles are not. we phoned Garden poultry to ask when we collect our other chickens if we could bring the frizzles and if she would vaccinate them for us if we paid.

but she said there is no point in vaccinating pure breeds you would be wasting your money. is this true? Do they have a immunity to disease?


thanks for any replies!


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I had hybrids who were vaccinated - but they were from a poultry farm and had finished their 'useful life'. They always vaccinate the flocks as they are housed in great numbers, and often indoors - and as hybrids are prone to certain illnesses I was given to understand.


Pure breeds for a reputable breeder with good stock, are usually tough, and I think it might be because they are breeds that have 'not been messed about with'.


My new little flock of 6, had 8 week olds, a 12 week old and a 15 week old, and a tiny one that I think was 6 weeks old.


They are fine and get on well.


And no, they were not vaccinated nor the 2 pekins I adopted.

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This is by no means an expert answer but I was given to understand that vaccination costs more than the (purely monetary) value of the bird unless you do a great number at once.


Breeders of pure breeds are more likely to have very small flocks and only allow a few select hens/cockerals to breed according to high 'show' standards.

Therefore, there are never sufficient numbers of chicks, all at the right age at the same time to make vaccination economically viable.

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I think it s to do with flock density :?


Hybrids are produced to lay loads of eggs in the first year/two years and then be retired which will put a huge strain on the bird couple this with high density factory farming and a low level of disease among stressed birds you would have a massive outbreak of disease :shock:


The other issue is the cost :roll:


Most poultry vaccines are given in the water which means you have to do a large number to make it economically viable 8)


Pure breeds are more likely to be kept by enthsiasts and hobby farmers who are not looking for large scale production which means less stressed birds and disease problems can be spotted before they become a serious issue :wink:


This said quite alot of respiratory disease seems to prevail with some small breeders as quite a few omleteers have reported snuffly birds as far as i know there haven't been any reports of worse :?


I haven't had my pure breeds vaccinated and have no no plan to do so :oops:

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Hi xChicken04x


where abouts in cheshire do you come from? as there is a place in Kingsley, Cheshire that sell chickens big and small, and I am sure they are all vaccinated before being sold. There name is Garden Poultry give them a ring or visit if you are close by, the lady who owns it Lisa is really really helpful.




Lisa : 01928 787979


Hope this helps.


Good luck with your chickens



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Thankyou very much phenna_family- I live about a 40 minute journey from Garden Poultry and thats where we are getting them from! We are getting 4 (but iam pushing for 5) from there and 2 frizzles from a small farm down the road from us. Garden poultry's chickens come vaccinated againt 11 different things but the 2 frizzles are not :cry:


thanks agian i'll let you know what we decide.


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