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I am a BIG fan of Centerparcs, & we usually go there at least once a year.

Last year we went in April, & were a bit dissapointed that the Dome was undergoing major refurbishment & the Spa had not yet been spruced up.....both were supposed to have been completed.


Then, the in laws treated us to a trip in August too (yes, we were spoilt last year!), & the Spa hsd STILL not had its planned major refurb.


So, as it is my 40th next August we decided to book again,well in advance to make sure we got the right dates to cover both mine & Mum-in-Laws birtthdays.I asked at booking when the Spa refurb was no due & they said Feb,so it would be done by the time we got there.


Great,we thought,us girls will go to the Spa on my 40th & daughter #1 will be old enough to join us this time too :D


So, what did I get in the mail today?????


A letter forewarning us that it is now going to take place DURING OUR VISIT,SO IT WILL BE SHUT!!!


No Spa day for my 40th :evil::evil:


Serves me right I suppose for booking it 14 months in advance :evil::evil:

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Sarah, put everything you have said in a Recorded Delivery Letter, and demand am exgratia payment for the disappointment. Really rub it in. Say how much you like Centre Parcs and have made repeated visits, blah blah and you feel really let down


Try to keep it to short and to the point sentences - jot down the bullet points first before you write the letter or email, and give then 7 days to respond.

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Hi,thanks for your replies :P


Lesley - we can't change it from longleat 'cos the in-laws are off to Cornnwall straight after, & also it is the nearest one to all of us. And its the nicest one too!


Kooringa - I am a SUPERB complainer (even though I say it myself!) & ALWAYS put EVERYTHING in writing, to great effect :D

A letter is on its way to the head of customer services as I type this :D

I complained about a meal in another Parc & got vouchers like Lesley said, so heres hoping.


We are "select" guests, so we are hoping that this status will help.


Still, would have prefered not to have the problem in the first place :?

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Apparantly the contractors backed out,Lesely.


We were told Jan too,which was why we booked for August with such confidence :?


So you could book for Jan now & I am sure there would be lots of availability


I know these things cannot be helped, but :evil: I am just so annoyed


We had booked one of the posh (read V.expensive!) new 2 storey villas too,as it is my birthday :x

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We LOVE Center Parcs, we've been to Sherwood Forest 23 times now :shock::shock::shock: And we've just booked for next year again. Sherwood is just 55 minutes from our house so we haven't bothered going to any of the others.


They take all complaints VERY seriously especially if you're a regular customer. We've only had to complain twice out of all our visits but on both those occasions we've had money off our next break and some vouchers, plus on one occasion we got wine and chocolates waiting in our Villa when we next visited.


I think you'll find them quite receptive if you approach them in a reasonable and well articulated manner.





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I've only been to Centre Parks once (last year). Absolutely loved it - so did the children. We tried to book this year, but we'd left it too late - there was nothing available (that'lll teach me for leaving it to the last minute!!) Anyhow - what's the best villas to ask for (for 2 adults and 2 children under 4)? Ours at Longleat was a little rundown. Also, we wouldn't mind going to a different centreparcs (guess we'd still be towing the kids on the back of the bikes next year - so nowhere too hilly) Any recommendations??

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Hi Sue.


We wnet to the new & improved Elvedon last year, & it was really nice.If you remember,they had a fire there a while ago & had to rebuild the main facilities, & they have done a super job.

The new Spa is lovely too :D


The villa we stayed in was just a basic 2 bedroom,& it was fine,if a bit ordinary.

If I remember, they are building some of the new flash villas there,& we have stayed in these V.I.P ones beofre & they are WONDERFUL!

They are much more comfortable & have a dishwasher,spa bath & some even a BBQ & a sauna room.


Get a brocheure & have a look.


I am sure you would like Elvedon.....& it is not too far from where we live (about a 3 hour drive,if I remember)

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If you want to avoid hills then it seems like Sherwood Forest is your only option. As previously stated, we've only ever been to Sherwood, but we know plenty of people who have been to all the others and they keep going back to Sherwood saying it's the best and the least hilly.


We tend to stay in either the basic villas or the upgraded 'comfort plus'. If you've got wads of money i've heard that the Executive and VIP villas are excellent. To be honest we hardly spend any time in the villa so it's basically just a a place to sleep. It therefore seems a bit of a waste of money paying over double the price for slightly better furnishings etc.


If you do go to Sherwood and you've got kids don't miss the Sherwood Feast (tales of Robin Hood, lots of food etc) It used to be on a Wednesday night but it seems that they are now holding it on Thursday evenings. It's a good, amusing night out and the kids (and yourselves) will love it!


Don't miss going into the Spa, it's wonderful. If you've got young kids, put them into the kids club while you go and relax in the Spa :D





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