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Raising broilers

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I have managed 20 hens for the last few years, just for eggs.


Now I would like to raise some hens for eating. Ideally, I would like to incubate the eggs and raise them from scratch. The problem is that I cannot have cockerells because of the neighbours (I have a very large allotment).


How do members get rid of their male chicks?


The alsternative is to buy female chicks to start with. Any ideas where to get say Sussex Light chicks from?

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How simple. Thanks very much.


Three families share the large run I built. The kids are going to love watching the chicks hatch and grow up. We are going to try the new incubator that looks like a giant egg. Here's a link:


It's cheaper than the rest and fully automatic.



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Thanks Lesley.


I was thinking of trying Sussex Lights. I currently have Warrens for "an egg a day". I think I remember Sussex Lights being recommended by Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall for the table. Apparently they lay well too.


Is there an age after which broilers are too tough to eat?


If I wanted to have 16 Sussex Lights, should I incubate say 24 eggs to be on the safe side?


At what age can you still integrate a new batch of chicks to an earlier batch?


Lots of questions.

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