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Alis girls

Amourous kitty! Any vets/vet nurses advice please!

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Basil had the snip this summer and is about 8 months old. I wondered if any vets/vets nurses on forum can tell me when he might stop er jumping on top of our older female cat also neutered. Its quite scarey to watch as she speeds away and the pair of them will cause an accident to their humans one day charging about. I am no cat expert but looks suspiciously like "mounting" to me. :shock: Our male rabbit RIP continued this behaviour for years after being neutered (only with a neutered female bunny!) Thanks

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OMG thanks - we always seem to have randy animals :lol: Poor Honey she is getting fed up of being lept on. Bromide in his food perhaps? Our old male rabbit mounted the other female one till weeks before she died and her had 3 legs and that didnt stop him - he just slid off. :roll: Hopefully he will settle and thanks for replies.

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