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Laura & CTB

Meet Spit the Cat

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Okay so I'm at work and bored so though you might like to see Spit (affectionately named because he drools an awful lot :roll: )


He lives at my works site and spends all day slobbing about in my office on my desk, playing on the keyboard, chewing the mouse wire and generally getting in the way whilst sheddding amazing quantities of fur about the place ! But he's very cuddly and a great stress buster :lol:


Every office should have one.



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I'd love to have an office cat! lots of animals where I work but they are all two-legged ones ... :roll:


I had a cat that dribbled, the more she purred the soggier and soggier she got; wasn't too attractive, especially as she used to like lying on the back of my neck like a fur collar. She was a lovely pusscat though ... very jealous, it would lighten my working day no end to have a cat around!

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We had two cats hanging around my work for a while I was all set to make pets of them then my boss found out and I got in trouble :oops:


They were trapped by a local charity and carted off :evil:


They (and the litter of kittens) have as far as I know now been rehomed :lol:


They were gorgeous though I wish I could have taken them but my demons would have gone mad :roll:

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Louise, if you're after a kitten, Hartley is heavily pregnant with a litter just now, and I'm looking for trustworthy people to take the kittens once they're old enough....... :D

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I'll have a word with a couple of people Chooks there are often people here looking for kittens :?


I would love one but the three I have would have plenty to say about that :lol:


the last litter we found had 4 and two ended up down in Kent :shock: there is a huge shortage of kittens now 8)


One of the other two is sitting in the corner of my office just now as she is on her way to the vets and I am looking after her till then :roll:

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