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Sarah 2

If the crowing doesn't stop.............................

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............our girls are going to have to find new homes. :(:(


We've had complaints from a neighbour. :shock:


They only do it when they want to get out of the run and are trying to get to the nest to lay. :roll:


We are going to make them a run this weekend to stop poo from being all over the garden. I'm just really worried it's going to get worse. (the crowing not the poo) Because 3 out of the 4 crow. And you can hear it at the front of the house. :shock::oops: They going to be spending more time in the run.


How do we stop it? :?


Going to the shop to get a water pistol to see if that helps. :oops:

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Is your neighbour able to say that they make more noise than lawnmowers, strimmers, drills, dogs barking, children screaming, traffic, burglar alarms etc?


I'd schmooze them with some eggs and see how things go with your new run.


Don't be bullied into getting rid of them until you have explored every avenue.


Whereabouts are you located?

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It's his teenage daughter that is complaining. :evil:


They don't crow at unreasonable hours. Well at least I don't think that 8:30 am is too bad. :oops:


We're not going to give up get. :D I just thought they would be a lot quieter.


We live in Hampshire. :D


Don't even consider getting rid of them! Mine really go off on one if they see me - and they are getting worse and worse (when they are in the run) - but I do know that it is only when they have seen me. Because 5 minutes or so later they are back to being normal! Unless of course they are laying and then I think I would start yelling, having to go through that every day :lol: All 3 of my neighbours who back onto me get eggs at least once a month and with an open invitation to just knock if they want anymore. They have been in to see the chooks and are quite taken with them.


If the complaining gets bad you need to contact your Environmental Health officer (making sure you give them some eggs when they pop round to see you!). They will decide whether the girls are deemed to be a noise nuisance or not, and likely as not they will confirm they are not. Thereafter your neighbour can complain to their hearts delight and there is nothing they can do. .... trust me I work alongside them regularly in my job!

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It's his teenage daughter that is complaining. :evil:


In that case....sling a deaf ear!


If she is a typical teenager she will be going to bed very late and sleeping until 3pm at the weekend!


Tough......the world will go on revolving even when she is in bed.


Try to strike a jokey relationship with the neighbour, bribe them with eggs and stand firm.


His daughter can always put cottonwool in her ears.


She won't be a teenager forever.


And no-one in their right mind could say that an 8.30 start to the day is unreasonable. For me that would be a two and a half hour lie in! :lol:

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I bet she doesn't see playing load music the same way.


People are just so intolerant of chickens because they are different. If it was a barking dog or any other more accepted noise they would put up with it.


I would just offer to play the annoying Sarah Kennedy Radio 2 show at 300 watts from 6 am onwards instead! I know I would find a cockeral more soothing than that stupid mare.


Our hens mainly crow when they see us. I never let them out whilst they are doing it, but just carry on doing what i am doing until they stop, and then let them out!

I would like to say this works, but it doesn't as of yet!!


As the great Winston Churchill once should have said ' I will not be dictated too by poultry or teenagers'


Can you get an ASBO for chicken keeping?



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Thanks everyone. :lol:


I feel more positive now. They're not as loud as a dog barking or wild birds. Until they're all start crowing at the same time. :shock:


Our other neighbours wouldn't even dare complain because their teenagers play explicted music really loudly. And have really loud conversations outside my house at 3am. :x So there would definitely be war. :twisted:

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We've had ours a couple of weeks and they also have been crowing and squawking and we are worried about neighbours complaining (none have done so far so keeping fingers crossed!). OH keeps mentioning it when they make a racket too as he 'told me they'd be noisy' before we got them although when I compare them to the new dog opposite that yaps during the day they're definitely quieter than that, and it's not all day they're noisy. It definitely gets worse when we're around, and after we let them free-range nearly all day for a couple of days when the weather was nice and we were around in the garden it reached it's peak as everytime they heard a door or window open or saw us near they'd start struggling at the door of the run and making a racket but I just sat a chair right near their run and sat there and waited for them to shut up. They didn't get let out for a couple of days and now I don't let them out till they've calmed down and start ignoring me, then they come out.

Also when Buttercup started laying she was very noisy all the time but has quietened down now, and Nugget has just started laying and taken over being noisy so I think that has something to do with it too, think once they're used to laying eggs daily they'll calm down!

Seriously though I'd stick it out and see how it goes, I bet this complainign teenager makes more noise than your chooks!

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Dont worry about the squwaking, ours do the same, they are noiser than a dog but atleast ours arn't barking all hours of the night and at 5 in the morning!!!

If people start to complain then so be it, i'll just complain about their noisy dog, their ginger tom cat that comes howling through our catflap at night and their rabbits that come into our garden and eat everything.

It doesnt say in our house deeds that we can keep poultry but it doesnt say we cant either.


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noisy chook owners here too :oops:


We've had trouble with ours in the early light mornings, one morning I could hear Ella from in my bedroom with the door shut and the bedroom is at the front of the house - it was 5.30 am :shock: and chooks were in the eglu :shock::shock:


We have stopped it by covering the eglu in a dark tarpaulin to block out the light.


DONT give up on your girls and like the others said - dont let your neighbours get to you, your chooks are no noisier than a lawnmower, dogs barking, children playing etc - its just your concience (im the same) I think they sound louder in your garden than what they actually are to the people outside :) even though we have loud chickens only 1 neighbour has actually sussed we have them and we gave them a box of eggs :)

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