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Other forums (or should that be fora?)

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I just cheated and logged onto a forum at http://www.pekinbantams.com, mainly to see what was what, and also beacuse I noticed that a breeder in Oxford is selling some stock and I want to get some more chooks in the spring :roll::oops:


They don't have many people chatting like we do here - couldn't spend all day on it, though. They had some good information though on breeds, people selling and the such like.

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I have been on that forum, ages ago now.

When I first looked into having Chickens I wanted Pekins but couldn't find a breeder near me.

I go to a few different forums but very rarely join in, just to read really. A couple of chicken ones, self sufficiency that sort of thing.

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I've also visited a few other forums- I'm quite surprised how many there are out there considering I'd never really that any such thing existed until Omlet. I've had a nice snoop at some of the others, PP is good for all things chickeny, but no matter how many I visit I end up coming back here, probably to be honest because I feel that I know so many of you now, it's more like chatting to friends than anything else :D

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Another great thing about this forum, & one that makes it really stand out amongst all others, is that it is very well run & works really well.


It is set out so it is easy to read, & the moderators do an amazing job & obviously enjoy errrrrr...moderating (?)


It does exactly what a forum should do, & darn effectivly too :P


The people are great too, & have been so welcoming to me even though I no longer have the Chickens :D


Big thumbs up from Henley-on-Thames :D






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