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Blocked door to Eglu

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I have a friend who doesn't come on to the Forum (Too busy!!!) - but if you can come up trumps she might!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :wink:


She has an Eglu and the Hens keep blocking the doorway every day with their scratchings. Does anyone have any suggestions to prevent this please? They are on chipped bark and soil. I have suggested Hemcore but I guess that would still get in the way. She has tried a slab in front of the door but they still manage to get the mess in the doorway. I have been looking after them for a week and every evening have had the devils own job clearing the mess so that I could shut the door securely.



Thanks in advance



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Rake out the mound in front of the door - if it in a permanent place then perhaps dig out an area in front of the door and fill with Aubiose of hemcore.


Or just make sure that the soil level is a bit lower in front of the door and use the Aubiose or Hamcore on top of it.


The above are made of small shredded bits of hemp which is soft so would easily be pushed out of the way with the door. It doesn't build up in a solid mass as do soil and bark and shredded wood.


Easy to rake too - and breaks down and merges into the ground also, so if they do dig up the soil the Aubiose or Hemcore mixes in with it making it light and not compactble.


(I should have shares in the company :roll: )

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Many thanks - that's more or less what I told her!!! She has very sandy soil so the Hemcore would I think very quickly get incorporated into it. But I think a combination of paving for the front of the Eglu and then Hemcore on the rest might sort it. She teaches so the hens are in for a great part of the day and need something to dig and scratch in.


Thanks again everybody



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