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Not chicken related, feeling really sad...

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....our girls went back to Belarus today. In fact they should be in the air right now - their flight was at 2pm. Yana and Natasha stayed with us for a month and although Eldest Daughter is really pleased at having her bedroom back we all miss them already. It was hard work and I'm really tired but I've just been to Sainsburys on the way back from the airport and it was strange buying things for just 5 of us not 7 - amazing how quickly you can get used to things. Oh well, that's over for another year, they're on their way home to happy families who must be really excited at getting them home again. They had a great time, so did we and they've got bags full of photos and presents to share out once they get there. Yana has a 3 hour drive from Minsk, Natasha has another 7 hours by car, my poor girls will be tired out. There's no answer to this post, my best friend is in Cyprus though so I have no one to talk to! A month here can add two years to their life expectancy, the weather's been terrible but I know they've gone back healthier - if anyone fancied a go at hosting then go to www.ccll.co.uk - it's an amazing thing to do, then you can join us at the airport in floods of tears at the end!!


Mrs Bertie

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Sorry you are feeling down as the Yana and Natasha have gone back :( Just think of all the wonderful memories they will have of their time with your family :D Good healthy food and clean fresh air :D


My friend had a boy and girl 2 years ago, and loved having them to stay :D they ate her out of house and home and she spent a small mortgage clothing and buying gifts for them and their families, and spoiled them rotten :lol: they all had a great time :D


Having them to stay will have an impact on you and them for a long time :D


karen x

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Karen - that's like us, poor, tired, beans on toast for tea til Chirstmas! I'm only sad as they've gone, I'm gald they've gone home to happy families - not all the kids are that lucky, one young lad is 12, lives with granny as both parents are dead and has been working after school since he was 9 to support the family. This is Europe guys, not the third world. They have sporadic electricity and most of them have no central heating. I'm only briefly sad as we loved having them here so much. Thanks for your replies, I didn't post it for applause or anything, it's a national charity so it will have a link somewhere near Shropshire, if it doesn't then start one!! Let your kids know life doesn't begin and end in England, there are kids like them living with next to nothing only a 3 hour plane ride away.

Happier no as have had two glasses of wine and hubby has volunteered to cook the roast!


Mrs B - happier but halfway sloshed! :lol:

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I know what it's like when numbers in your house suddenly drop, as you've got so used to them being there. There were 7 of us at home the other weekend, it then seemed really lonely when numbers had gone back to 4 on Monday and very quiet. Never mind, you're soon get used to it again!

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