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Mmmm, not sure I like those cows really. For one thing they're taller me, they probably weigh more than me and could trample me in a stampede. They're also obviously pretty thick too- just look at that spelling :roll: . Fortunately they're not likely to fancy me for cow-food, they're herbivores normally aren't they?. Then again, I do wear a lot of green and my hair is looking scarily straw like right now, so maybe I've got reason to be scared :shock:

Thinking of adverts though, has anyone else heard the radio adverts for Birds Eye? I hear them every morning on my way to work and they make me giggle every time. The punch line is always "Birds Eye- the chicken you can trust", but there's some funny storylines- the chicken being accused by an irate woman because it has a blonde hair in it's feathers, the chicken who's been befriended by a criminal, and as they turn up to the scene of the crime the police turn up and the criminal accuses the chicken of being an undercover police officer, and theres more- I just can't remember them right now. Each time you hear a chicken clucking, squawking and flapping..... so funny :roll:

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