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WHO will be the first to get todays snow ???

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I live in East Anglia and we have cold weather, light freezing rain. I don't want to win this one!


The triplets saw rain for the first time today, and rain around looking up at the sky. Tried pecking it - to no avail, it still rained. Pecked at the shower curtain cover over the run and it still rained. Shrieked, flapped their wings, ran up and down, and it still rained, so ran into the Eglu covered run and ate some more breakfast.


They seem to be used to it now though, as Ginger laid an egg and the others two came out to eat some cabbage - all three are now happily throwing savoy cabbage leaves up the in the air and do not mind the rain! :lol:

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Overcast, cold and very grim in London - I would like to be snowed in so unable to get to work (big sigh)


Lyn :(


Its no fun Lyn I was snowed in for 2 days about 5 years ago and there was no TV, the Galashiels side of town had no power (fortunately I was the Edinburgh side) and when it is that bad you can't go anywhere and the shops etc are all shut because they have no staff. I watched the entire I Claudius on Video one day and then the cabin fever starts to set in :evil:

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Heavy Snow & Blizzards --


Areas Affected: - Northern England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales & Southwest England -


The transition to much colder weather will begin to take place during the course of the early hours of Thursday morning. This process will see a band of showery rain push Southwards across the country, this then being followed by brighter skies but much colder weather from the North.


Increasingly frequent and wintry showers will push into Scotland, North East England and Northern Ireland through Thursday afternoon and into the overnight period. Places above 100 to 150m will begin to see settling snowfall and this combined with gale to possibly even severe gale force winds does signal a high risk of blizzard conditions even at relatively low levels.


Scotland, Northeastern England, Central and Northern Ireland, Wales and Southwest England will be most affected by these persistent wintry showers through Thursday and into Friday. The showers over Northern England and parts of Scotland will give way to more persistent sleet and snow later in the day on Friday and this will then edge Southwards and Westwards into other parts of Northern England later in the day on Friday. Locations above 150m to 200m will see settling snowfall for a time. A general 3cm to 5cm is possible over Northern England, Wales and Northern Ireland with in excess of 10cm to 15cm possible over Scotland with some extensive drifting expected by early Saturday morning.


Here's the low down on the metcheck weather warning




Sad but I love weather :oops::?

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