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George Best

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But remember those early years (those who are old enough). In the late '60's his name was on everyone's lips, admired for his football skills & idolised (including by many a 10 year old :oops:) for gorgeous dark haired good looks. 8)

But we shouldn't set people on a pedestal like that, not healthy for them or us.

Thinking the good times, & wishing peace for him and his nearest & dearest.

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Absolutely. The sadness is the latter years but god did he live life to the full. He just did it all in a short time and then time has run out. I hope they reflect on the positives as we are all well aware of the problems. I want to see something positive before christmas.


Off topic but already they are creating a stir about pubs opening and it's only been 1 night. media hysteria ala bird flu continues...on topic that's why they are holding george up as a 'bad' example, it suits the current binge drinking hysteria!




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Wise word Sheila.


And Buffie, I agree about the media hysteria re 24 hour drinking. There are lots of drink related problems in Banbury and the police really have their handsful at the weekends. May be you should start doing counselling for drink disorders too.


Take care, and let's hope that George sees a peaceful end to his suffering soon.

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There's a brilliant story about George - he was being interviewed & was asked where had all his money gone - he replied that he had spent some on booze, some on birds, some on cars, and the rest, well he had wasted... and another interviewer asked him (while he was outside his flash pad, fancy car nearby & Miss World on his arm) "George. Where did it all go wrong?"


I'm not a football fan, but watching footage of him playing when he was at the top of his game - just fantastic. Ran rings round everyone.


I hated all that TV stuff yesterday, everyone talking about him in the past tense, as if he had died already - a bit unseemly, I thought let him die before you start all the obituaries. His poor family, standing outside the hospital with the press shoving microphones at them. They are vultures sometimes.


So God bless George, a one-off. thighs like tug boats.

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I'm old enough to have seen George Best play a couple of times. The major thing that I remember was that "Ooops, word censored!"nal (my team) were getting average gates of about 35000, and Man United were not doing very well - but if "Ooops, word censored!"nal played Man U, 60,000 turned up - to see Man United and George Best.


He was utterly amazing - his skill was just incredible. And this was in the days when players didn't have the protection from refs that they have these days - a defender would have been sent out to clog Best out of the game if they could. Incredibly brave - a wonderful footballer.


I'm not going to sit in judgment about how he spent his life after his footballing career was over - I just thank him for what he gave to football.


RIP Bestie.

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