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North Holland Blue

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I have one North Holland Blue. How I got her is odd - I was getting a couple of Marans but the breeder's daughter had picked out one Maran and one North Holland - they look very similar indeed. she was going to change her, but I said that I wanted to keep her.


Whatever, Daisy (the North Holland) has turned out to be a lovely bird, by far my favorite of them all. She doesn't bully but isn't a victim. She is friendly and goes about her business quietly and gently but in a businesslike manner. She's just a superb little lady.


Does anybody else have North Hollands - and have they had the same experience? If I was to get some more girls, I'd definately get some of this breed going on my experience with Daisy.


Daisy at about 11 weeks - a little while ago.


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I have heard of the breed, this is what my "handy chicken book" says:


"This is an attractive breed with all-over cuckoo plumage pattern, which contrasts well with its red comb, wattles and face. The body is compacet and neat, with an upright alert stance. The tail is well spread and carried at an angle of about 45 degrees. A short beak and bold orange eyes give the bird expression. The single comb is evenly serrated with between five to seven points, and the earlobes and wattles are normal sized. The light coloured legs are widley spaced and lightley featherd according to British standard. The Neverlands however are featherless."


Hope this helps!


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She is lovely Richard.


I think I have the same book - It also says they are good layers, ideal family bird, docile, love to forage and ideal to free-range. If confined, take care not to overfeed them because they can easily run to fat.

Very nice picture of an older one in my book :D



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