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omleteer in the midlands

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I think that my plans for a London day out, along with the 2 other earlier Omlet get-togethers have shown how much we'd all like to get to meet each other now, after months of cyber chat. I've PM'd James, telling him how keen we all are to meet up, and have, ever so politely :wink: , suggested that the Omlet team arrange something. I'd imagine that if they were to take that on board it'd be around Omlet HQ, which I know isn't exactly the Midlands, but a bit closer to you than London or Edinburgh.


Or, if you're planning on doing something yourself have a think about dates etc. Depending on when it is I might well be able to travel up- maybe I could off-load the family at Centre-Parks for a weekend :wink:


I have to admit I'm quite excited at the prospect of meeting up with so many Omleteers :D:D

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We're in the midlands Laura and we're going to try to get down to London on Jan 14th. I think we'll leave the car at a train station and take the train and tubes in. I think Gina might be trying to get down to Kew too. Would you be able to join us? Hope so. If not, we'll have to try and arrange something a little more central in the summer. I'd be up for it!

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