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Would you use this weldmesh for a walk-in run

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I have the go ahead from hubby to convert our greenhouse into a walk-in run.  

Is this weldmesh strong enough?


We are going to leave the glass roof  (all glass will be painted with quality pvc shading) and auto opener windows in place.  We will cover the outside of the roof with shading mesh too in the summer. 

The wire will be the full length of one 8ft side and part of the other side to allow airflow.

We will have slabs around the outside as a no dig solution. 

The larger weldmesh will be lined with chicken wire on the inside to keep the smaller pests out

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We are planning to line it with chicken wire too.  Great.  Means I’m under budget and can get it done soon.  Maybe the extra can buy 2 more chickens 🐓  🐓.  He wanted me to wait until his bonus in April but won’t need to now.  Only obstacle is getting the greenhouse relocated from full sun to shade

Thanks for the advice

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