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Richard T

new arrivals

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We got these two on Sunday. They're Miniature Silver Appleyards. (I'm afraid that the picture's quite big and try as I might I've not been able to reduce it. edit - the picture is smaller than when I put it on there so thanks to whoever re-sized)




We've called them George and Mildred - she's definitely the boss. They seem nervous and very wary of us. They've been quiet so far. We've got them quarantined in a green eglu and run and will keep them in there for a couple more days so that they get to know where home is.


The chickens don't seem bothered by them at all.

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Ducks don't smell any more then chickens really. They poo in the pond rather then on the lawn so the water can smell a bit - but only if you get close to it! The one thing about ducks is they get everything muddier. The chooks eglu is not covered in mud nor is their grub and glug - the ducks ones are! Other then cleaning the pond they're no hassle at all.


Yours look lovely Richard :D

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I was advised not to get one duck and one drake as in the Spring he will be too rampant for her and three girls to one boy is better.


Have also heard that a drake will drag a hen into a pond in one of his lusty moments and drown the poor girl :shock:

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That's quite right! nasty little creatures sometimes :?


We had a pair of ducks and they are fine together - I assume because they were paired up at an early age. However, the drake was awful with the boy ducklings and chased them away all the time. This year they have just one girl duckling - almost full sized now - and he chases her for other purposes :roll: Luckily, she can still run faster then he can.

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