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Sourcing meat.

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I'm compiling my shopping list for tomorrows weekly trip to Waitrose and have some cuts of meat and chicken on the list. A friend told me earlier that a local butchers shop has opened up in town and I wanted to have a nosey before I go shopping as I believe in supporting local independents where I can.

The problem is that since getting the chooks, our views (like others on here) regarding our food have radically changed and I only want to buy traceable, free range, British meat and poultry.

I can't help wondering though...How can I tell that the butcher is telling the truth about where his produce comes from? He could just say what Joe public wants to hear when really, it comes from some intensively farmed place on the other side of the world.

Maybe, I am being a bit too cynical but would welcome any hints as to the questions I should ask or things I should look out for.

Thanks all. :)

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I buy our meat from www.DevonRose.co.uk It is organic and decently butchered by this family-run firm. The customer service is excellent.


I have family box delivered once a month which is enough for us as we only eat meat at the weekend. With a regular box order, the delivery is free.

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Thank you for your replies.

I'm going to pop to the new butchers shop in a mo' and have a chat with them - and just go on gut instinct.

I had a quick look online for a farmers market and found one in the next town which is there every Saturday :) Guess where the family will be dragged to this weekend! :D

And I had a quick browse on the Devon Rose website which looked interesting but I couldn't find the price of their boxes - will have another look later when I've got a bit more time.

Thanks again for your tips - much appreciated at pointing me in the right direction.

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I'll definitely be looking into all the ideas posted.

I was sorely disappointed with the butcher. :( He didn't have a clue about where any of his British produce came from or how it is reared except that he was 'fairly' sure the beef and lamb were free range but the pork and chicken were most certainly intensive farmed...as free range is too expensive and people won't buy it! :evil: Well, I'm asking for it and I can't be the only one surely?! :evil:

I drove to Waitrose afterwards muttering and gesturing like a mad woman in the car (anyone else do that?). :oops:

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Thanks to this topic I have got my butt in ger & done what I have been meaning to do for months - sourced a really good local butcher.

It is perfect - 2 miles nice country drive, parking outside, pork for the free range farm up the road, & really nice chaps working there who are enthusiastic about the meat they are selling.

So we have a lovely loin of pork for the weekend - my favourite 8):D

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