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Breadcrumb advice please?

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Not a receipe to add in here, but I need a bit of advice.


I've made a lovely fishy pie/bake and I want to add something to the top. Not very keen on puff pastry, so I thought about adding some breadcrumbs.


What's the best way to do this?


My initial thoughts were to blend away a slice of bread into breadcrumbs, then add to an egg, mix it up and throw it ontop of the bake?


Any suggestions gratefully received.

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I whizz mine up too Gina, adding some oats and/or Special K to make it crunchy... not burned it yet.


When Rosie's coating her stuffed chicken breasts, she eggs them, then coats in seasoned flour, eggs again then breadcrumbs - it comes out lovely, but is very messy to do.


I make up some spicy seasoned flour when we're doing our chicken nugget recipe.

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I blend any left over bread in to breadcrumbs and put it into bags (about 50g each) then freeze them. It's so mice to have a store ready made.


Sometimes i just use them as they are and sometimes I mix with grated cheese. Either way it doesn't turn into toast.

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Cut potatoes into slices (approx 5 mm), boil til almost done. Put on top of fish, overlapping like roof tiles, top with grated cheddar.Bake





Hazel, that's great idea, and less time consuming that messing about with egg and breadcrumbs when I have little or no time as it is!


Ginette - I've been throwing my bread ends to the birds, but I am going to build up a store now! Thank you.

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